Cheryl's Presentations

Are you in need of Cardiac or Critical Care Classes? Listed below is a sampling of Cheryl’s Cardiac & Critical Care Classes. Classes can be tailored for the critical care nurse, the progressive/telemetry nurse or the acute care nurse. In addition, Cheryl presents cardiac education for paramedics/EMTs and social/service groups. Cheryl will develop an individualized seminar to meet the educational needs of your institution, local AACN chapter, or conference.

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Cardiac & Critical Care Topics

  • Rhabdomyolysis -- Muscle Breakdown!
  • Post Procedure Complication
  • Cardiac Advanced Life Support – Surgery (CALS-S)
  • Cardiac Medicine Subspecialty Certification (CMC) Review Class
  • Care of the STEMI/NSTEMI patient
  • Differentiating Cardiomyopathies
  • How Cool! Therapeutic Hypothermia after Cardiac Arrest
  • Myocarditis, Endocarditis, Pericarditis
  • Oh My Clogged Arteries: Peripheral Vascular Disease
  • Triad of Disaster in Cardiac Surgery Patients: Hypothermia, Acidosis, and Coagulopathy
  • Valvular Disease and Valvular Surgery
  • A Woman’s Heart is Different: Women & Heart Disease
  • Acute Coronary Syndrome: Time is Muscle
  • As Easy as Black & White: Chest X-ray Interpretation
  • Care of the Cardiac Patient for the Non-Cardiac Nurse
  • Cardiac Surgery Certification (CSC) Review Class
  • Care of the Cardiac Surgery(CVS) Patient (2 lectures)
    • For the Critical Care Nurse: Includes critical care concepts, complications recognition/treatment, and hemodynamic interpretation to care for the CVS patient in the first 48 hours post surgery.
    • For the Progressive/Telemetry Nurse: Strategies for care of the patient after the first 24 hours of surgery to discharge
  • Critical Care Jeopardy
    • 12 Lead EKG
    • Chest X-ray Interpretation
    • Hemodynamics
    • Arterial Blood Gases
    • EKG Rhythms
  • Critical Thinking Algorithms to Prevent the Killer Event
  • Cutting Edge Technology: Endovascular Aortic Aneurysm Repair
  • Getting to the Heart of Cardiac A/P & P (Anatomy, Physiology, & Pharmacology)
  • Heart Failure – Ways to Keep the Heart Pumping
  • Puzzling Pacemakers
  • Challenging and Complex Cardiac & Pulmonary Case Studies
    • Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy – Broken Heart Syndrome
    • Cocaine Associated Chest Pain & AMI
    • Prinzmetal Angina
    • Coronary Spasms
    • Postpartum Cardiomyopathy
    • Other Unusual Case Studies
  • Understanding Acidosis: Causes, Complications, Correction
  • 12 Lead EKG (all day seminar or individual lectures)
    • The 12 Leads & Correlation of Coronary Anatomy
    • Ace the Axis– Beat the Bundles
    • 30 Seconds to Identification of STEMI
    • Advanced 12 Lead: EKG Changes Beyond STEMI
    • 12 Lead EKG Jeopardy

Leadership & Education Topics

  • Creative Coaching & Educational Strategies to Develop Critical Thinking Skills
  • Piecing Together the Puzzle of Generational Diversity

Cultural Diversity & Mission Topics

  • It’s a Small World – Nursing Beyond the Borders
  • Piecing Together the Puzzle of Generational Diversity

Public Presentations

  • A Woman’s Heart is Different: Women and Heart Disease
  • Heart Disease: The Number # 1 Killer
  • Keeping your Lamp Burning--Preventing a Worn Out Woman